Interior Decoration

We utilize our trained eye for color, composition, and scale to create a home that you love. Niche Interiors’ personalized image books help us discover your style preferences at the start of a project, saving time and ensuring a successful outcome. The design scheme addresses the following: fabrics, furniture, window treatments, paint, rugs, and lighting. Detailed budget spreadsheets streamline the design process, making it easy to pinpoint key investments while staying within budget.

Space Planning

The foundation of a well-designed space is a thoughtful and well-edited furniture plan. We evaluate your family’s needs and lifestyle to create furniture layouts that provide optimal flow and easy conversation. Scale plans are provided to the client and necessary contractors.

Custom Furniture Design

Niche Interiors specializes in creating bespoke furniture pieces tailored to your space and personalized for your comfort. Fabricated locally in San Francisco, we offer a sit-test for upholstered items so you have the opportunity to make adjustments before your item is completed.Offerings include: Sofas, sectionals, dining banquettes, dining tables, coffee tables, beds, nightstands, chairs, and cabinetry. Healthy, non-toxic upholstered items are available with natural latex and organic wool, eliminating the use of harmful flame retardants and chemicals.

Remodeling Services

From selecting tiles in your bathroom to choosing the perfect flooring in your kitchen, save time and money by doing it right the first time. We select materials, fixtures, and finishes and provide detailed elevation drawings to your contractor to ensure that our design details translate to the finished product.

All our clients have one prevailing trait, they are bold and modern, they like to stay ahead of trends, and work with the best.

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