play hard. work hard

Our work grows out of a passion for the public realm, and a desire to create work that is both purposeful and playful.

Our Vision

At Cetus, our Vision is to become a leading international architectural firm that provides collaborative, responsive, and accessible expertise that solves functional real-world challenges for our clients and partners, imbuing all of our work with unmistakably iconic world-class design.


We Provide Creativity Solutions

In our search for high standards we are always looking into innovative design solutions and modern methods of construction, and most importantly seeing how they work in practice. We keep updating our skills through training and sharing experience.


Passion For Design

This is simple. We love what we do! We love drawing buildings, improving the built environment, and problem solving. We’ve established this practice because we love the relationships we create with our clients, and great design comes from those connections. Relationships excite us, and we are always looking to build new ones.


As a key to unlocking design solutions for our clients, Cetus offers a more progressive approach throughout the pre-contract stages.

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Interior Design

Our design goes deep into the building, ensuring that the functionality and aesthetics penetrate beyond the plan and surface levels.

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Furniture Planning

Here at Cetus we have our own in-house design department with fully trained 2D space planners and 3D visual artists.

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Contract Administration

Contract administration involves making decisions and the timely flow of information and decisions to enable completion of the project.

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Master Planning

Our team combines the skills of planners, urban designers, landscape architects to offer a full complement of services.

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Cetus design considers quality, constructability and durability key elements for any prudent Client and their investors and/or end-users.

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All our clients have one prevailing trait, they are bold and modern, they like to stay ahead of trends, and work with the best.