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The app's latest iOS update allows iPhone users to engage.


It's a helpful feature, especially when you're stuck on the subway.

Send Message

In addition to the offline feature, the update includes a redesigned.

Built In Browsers

Users of the app are now able to manage their phone's storage.


Videos, for example, can now deleted from specific message.

Made With Love

Users to engage in offline message queueing, so they can prep.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes

What You Get

A simple way to get your notifications up to date everywhere.

While Business Insider reported the ability to queue messages offline has been available on Android devices since at least June 2016, the send button was simply disabled.

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Video Presentation

Explain a concept. Pitch an idea. Sell a product. Enhance a resumé. Complete an assignment. Teach a course.

Market a service. Practice a speech. Document your travels. Illustrate a process. Champion a cause. Tell a story.

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App Features

  • Menu Dashboard

    Upload metadata about your app so the store can present it to customers. Verify that you’ve prepared your app correctly, upload.

  • Image Platform

    Get step-by-step guidance for enrolling in the Apple Developer Program and building, testing, and submitting your app.

  • Photo News Showcase

    For watchOS apps, a device is an iPhone paired with an Apple Watch. Xcode provides simulators for all these types of devices.

  • User Profile

    You perform these tasks using Xcode features and several web tools available only to members of the Apple Developer Program.

  • Localization

    Before you use certain app services, such as iCloud and Game Center, you must join the Apple Developer Program.

  • Photo Apparel

    Even if you distribute an app outside of the store so that customers know your app comes from a known source.

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Enjoy our app whenever you are, whenever you want. Audio dialogues are even downloadable for offline listening.

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